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Construction Experts

Veteran owned and operated

Free Inspections or Consultations

Earn up to $500 PER REFERRAL!!

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You can follow us and stay up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Many of our recent projects and statements can be found there.

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Full Service Construction Company

We specialize in complete Restoration. With that in mind we will work with you to restore your home to pre-storm conditions. Also if you have any additional wants or needs we can assist you with completing those as well.

Why should you consider a home inspection?

Your home is your largest investment

For many people a house is the largest purchase they make, which is why insurance is so important. Many insurance companies recommend homes to be inspected after every large storm and a minimum of yearly.

Know before you have issues

Many large issues with roof damage i.e. leaks, missing shingles, & rotten wood can be spotted long before they become major problems. The only way to know your roof is healthy and functional is to have a competent professional inspect it regularly.

No cost, No obligation

Our roof inspections are quick and painless. They are 100% free and require no obligations on your part. All we ask is you review any pictures of damage we take. 

Ensure that your home will be a safe place to live

Here in the DFW area we get alot of large storms which bring damaging wind and hail. Once a roof is compromised mold is almost guaranteed. Mold is a major health concern. See the CDC's website.


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